5mm High Throughput NMR Tubes

5mm High Throughput NMR Tubes


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Wilmad-LabGlass High-Throughput NMR Tubes are manufactured from borosilicate glass that meets the ASTM Type 1 Class B standard and recognized as N51A. Due to its nature, this glass has much less thermal-shock resistance than Class A glass used for our Precision Tubes. It may contain Fe2O3 which is paramagnetic around 1200 ppm and has certain impact on shimming quality at high field over 600 MHz. High-Throughput NMR tubes have an averaged camber of 60 microns to guarantee the spectrum resolution for small molecule (MW<250) samples up to 600 MHz. WG-1000 Tubes are sold in various pack sizes. The twist pack is made of polypropylene and resistant to common organic solvents. The packing materials are 100% recyclable. Some of our competitors altered our MHz rating standard by advertising inferior tubes for higher magnetic field experiments. Please visit our NMR Economy Tube Cross Reference Guide to make a head-to-head comparison including pricing. The products listed on the same row will have the same performance at the same magnetic field IF the specifications of our competitors’ product are guaranteed as advertised. From this guide we will prove our 60 year philosophy again as “committed to providing customers with cost-effective NMR consumables of the highest quality”.

Application Notes

3 mm Economy Material ASTM Type 1 Class B Borosilicate Glass Impact on shimming quality by paramagnetic impurities1 Medium (>1200 ppm Fe2O3) Rapid cooling/heating No Max. working temperature Ambient Sample volume reproducibility2 10% Averaged Sample Volume within Rf  coil 125 µl/cm Outer Diameter 4.947±0.019 mm Cut-off wavelength 320 nm Compatible with Small Volume Insert No Recommended Application 1D NMR experiments with small organic molecule (Molecular Weight <1500) below 600 MHz Note 1: Impact on shimming quality varies upon magnetic field strength. Economy tube is recommended for 1D low field experiments. Note 2: Sample volume reproducibility refers to the maximum volume fluctuation when filling different NMR tubes to the same sample height. This number correlates to the reproducibility of time domain signal amplitude between different runs.

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