Heli-Pak 316SS Distilling Column Packing

Heli-Pak 316SS Distilling Column Packing


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Heli-Pak is a particle type packing and can be “poured” into any laboratory or pilot scale column; easily removed for replacement or cleaning. Features include:LOW H.E.T.P. -Lowest reported for random packings.HIGH EFFICIENCY -Holdup per plate for a given distilling rate gives high efficiency and optimum all around performance.NON-CHANNELING -Furnished in larger column diameter due to its capillary liquid redistributing action.POURS EASILY -Maximum effectiveness requires no laborious or critical filling techniques.VARIETY OF MATERIALS -Shown here in stainless steel; nichrome, monel, nickel, Hastelloy “B”:, bronze and tantalum available upon request.LOW COST -Economical to use on a per plate and per distillation basis.Available in Three Sizes SIZE “C” -.090″ x .175″ x .175″ – A larger size packing with high capacity and low pressure drop. Specially designed for use in columns 25mm I.D. and larger. For operation at atmospheric and reduced pressures. Free space is 84%.SIZE “B” -.050″ x .100″ x .100″ – A balanced all purpose packing with efficiency factor higher than any reported random packing. Low holdup and pressure drop. Recommended for columns from 10mm to 30mm diameter, operating at atmospheric or vacuum conditions. Free space is 83%.SIZE “A” -.035″ x .070″ x .070″ – Smallest packing physically possible without flooding. Recommended for columns 5mm to 15mm I.D. operating at atmospheric pressure. Free space is 78%.All sizes are sold in one pound packages.

Application Notes

*Available in other materials such as Nickel, Hastelloy “B”, Monel.

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